Wholesale Terms and Conditions


  • All designs are protected. Any use of copyrighted material without prior notice and agreement from Cowfield Design will be considered a breach of copyright.
  • You will not, without our prior written consent, allow any of our logos or trademarks or other words or marks applied to Cowfield Design products to be obliterated, covered, obscured or omitted or to add any additional words or marks.
    Minimum Order Quantities
  • All first time customers are set up on a proforma account basis.
  • Initial Minimum Order : 10 WAW + delivery costs excluding vat
  • Minimum reorder: 5 WAW + delivery costs excluding vat
  • Goods will be delivered to the address nominated by you at the time of ordering.
  • Notification by email will be sent prior to shipping to confirm delivery address and give an approximate delivery date.
  • Overseas customers must take full responsibility for shipping as well as Import/Export duties.



It is unusual for our products to have faults due to the high-quality craftsmanship, however, should any item be returned to you due to a production fault, within 6 months of sale, we will do our best to repair or replace the item. Please email cowfielddesign@gmail.com with any issues that arise. This policy does not cover any damage caused by the customer due to negligence or stress on the item concerned.


  • For Credit customers a standard 30-day payment schedule applies from date of invoice
  • For proforma accounts payment is due pre-delivery.
  • An invoice will be issued to you upon dispatch of the Goods. Value Added Tax will be added to all orders placed within the UK, which is payable by you. Outside the UK, but in EU, VAT is removed when VAT number is provided
  • Any variations on our payment terms will be stated on individual invoices and agreed prior to order fulfilment.
  • In the event of a query or dispute with an invoice, you must notify us of your query or the nature of your dispute within 3 days of the date on the invoice. Failure to notify within this time will mean that you are deemed to have accepted the invoice in full and the full amount is due and payable.
  • Failure to pay on time will result in late payment charges which shall be calculated in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (as amended) from the date the payment was originally due until the date of actual payment. We reserve the right to add interest at the current legal rate to all our invoices that are not paid within 30 days (or within an alternative timescale agreed prior to order confirmation).
  • Failure to pay may result in Cowfield Design taking further action which includes but is not limited to: further charges or details being passed to debt collection agencies.
  • We reserve the right to charge an administration fee for any late payment notices which we send to you in the event of your late payment. We also reserve the right to cancel any discount that we may have offered to you, to alter your payment terms and/or to suspend or cancel future deliveries in the case of late payment.
  • Payments should be made by BACs. to the account as detailed on our invoice. Credit card payments can be made but will incur an additional transaction charge of 3%.


  • We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your order at any time if you become bankrupt or insolvent, enter into any arrangement with your creditors, or being a company, go into liquidation or are wound-up, or being a partnership, are dissolved or if, in our reasonable opinion, one of the aforementioned events is likely to occur. You must notify us in writing immediately if any one of the aforementioned events occurs.
  • In such cases you shall become liable to pay the total value of the Order if the product has been dispatched or a restocking charge of 5% of the order value.
  • If we feel that our reputation and company standards are being damaged while continuing a business relationship, we also reserve the right to terminate our relationship with 30 days notice.


  • Wholesale and recommended retail prices may fluctuate due to market forces and we reserve the right to alter them periodically. 30-day notice will be given to all stockists prior to any price changes.
  • Discounts cannot be applied to Cowfield Design products without our prior written consent.


  • You must notify us immediately if you find any of our products supplied to be defective in any way (which must be no later than 24 hours of receipt of the Order) and allow us an opportunity to investigate.
  • Where we have agreed that the Goods are defective then we will supply suitable replacement goods free of charge and arrange for the return of defective products.


  • The Client, you, are permitted to resell the goods to consumers only at specified locations or store branded websites. Any changes to such locations will require our prior written consent.


  • We shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in delivering the Goods where such failure arises as a result of any act or omission which is outside our reasonable control such as act of God or those of a third party.
  • We shall not be held liable for third party misrepresentations of Cowfield Design products or third party fraudulent misrepresentations.
  • Should either party decide that a business relationship can no longer be amicable and no reasonable compromise can be reached, termination of a business relationship will require a 30 day notice period in writing and the client shall be liable for any orders or outstanding payments due within that notice period.

For more information about Cowfield Design wholesale, please email cowfielddesign@gmail.com