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Candle refills - Belfast Sink Candle

Candle refills - Belfast Sink Candle

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Have you burnt through your Belfast Sink Candle already! Not to worry we have designed these lovely little refills that will pop into your mini Belfast sink. Just make sure you clear all the excess wax from the previous candle.

This exceptionally unique soy-based candle refill is meticulously crafted in Belfast by a local artisan. Designed to fit perfectly into your mini Belfast sink, it features two carefully selected wicks to ensure an even burn every time.

With its light and pleasant fragrance, this candle refill gently fills the room without overpowering it. Each refill boasts an estimated burn time of 20 hours, providing hours of delightful ambiance. And when the candle is fully consumed, simply clean out the refill to reveal a charming mini Belfast sink, adding a touch of sustainability to your space. #lesswaste

Only use this candle refill in the intended mini Belfast sink to prevent any fire hazards or damage to other surfaces.


Height 5.3cm Width 11cm Depth 8cm 

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