About Cowfield Design


Hello, I’m Sarah the daughter/sister of our family business that is Cowfield Design. My dad (Sean) and my brother (Conor) form the rest of our small but mighty team. We are based in Belfast and have a range of skills from a background in operations to a degree in graphic design and also some good old fashioned joinery skills! These varied skills have helped Cowfield Design to grow to where it is now and allowed us to create the products that hopefully you love! 
Rewinding back a bit, Cowfield Design started around 5 years ago in our garage with Sean making furniture and mirrors made out of the driftwood he collected on the beaches of Donegal. One day he set upon the task of making a small wooden model of the infamous Harland and Wolfe cranes that tower over Belfast… and well since then we haven’t looked back.
As a family we never really went abroad, spending many summers in Donegal and creating many fond memories. It is this that inspired our products. We are inspired by the Island we live on, with many of our products designed to bring back the memories of times spent at some of the great destinations across Ireland. We wanted people to have a ‘A reminder of the unforgettable’, the unforgettable craic you had in a pub, the unforgettable views you came across on your travels or hikes!
We also have a real passion for design, with Conor and Sean being particularly creative we are always thinking of new products and new designs that are different to the norm! 

A family business brings its challenges (we are all very different!) but it also brings strengths. We hope to continue to grow and expand our products continuing to bring you products that are designed to a high quality and will suit any home.
Thank you for reading our story and for your continued support!
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