Irelands Hidden Gems

Irelands Hidden Gems

I may be biased, seeing as Ireland is my home, however, I think  that Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. For such a small place, Ireland is known for its unforgettable beauty, charm and history that needs to be explored. There are many known places around Ireland that are the perfect tourist attractions. However, Ireland is full of undiscovered beauty and culture. Here are just a few of many hidden gems Ireland has to offer...

Slieve League - Donegal

First, we have the Slieve League Mountains in County Donegal. Slieve league is a mountain range that falls into the Atlantic Ocean. At 601 metres, it has second highest sea cliff in Ireland and some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. Although this range is less famous than the cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Slieve Leagues cliffs reach almost three times higher. This hidden gem is packed full of local history and culture. When venturing around the range, it is essential to stop and take a minute to appreciate the views around you. From the wild Atlantic Ocean to the rugged landscapes. If you are thinking about heading to Donegal, this place is a true hidden gem and a must see for everyone. You won’t regret it.


Three Castle Head - Cork

Our next beauty that is a must visit is the Three castle head in County Cork. In my opinion, this unique spot which has the ruins of Dunlough Castle, is one of the best hidden gems along the Wild Atlantic Way. Located in West Cork, the Three Castle Head is only accessible  by foot and it is important to note that the area is actually private land, however, the very kind owners began welcoming visitors in recent years. The donation of €3 is requested in order to keep parking and walk way open to the public with €1 of this being donated to charity. I think I speak for anyone that has visited the area that the kindness from the owners is greatly appreciated. The castle stands with its 3 towers where a beautiful lake facing the showing sits at the bottom. Three Castle Head is full of breath-taking views, history, beauty, culture and charm. Just like Ireland itself!

The Portacloy Loop - Mayo

Next on my list of must-see places, we have The Portacloy Loop Cliff Walk in County Mayo. This is a 18km long loop walk that starts and finishes at Portacloy Beach. You won’t see views like this anywhere else! From the amazing coastline walk, you can see the Stags of Broadhaven, Mullet Peninsula, Achill Island and The Hills of Donegal. The walk takes you along the sea edge to the cliff views of Benwee Heads. The Portacloy beach is breath taking in itself, you could spend a full day here taking in the peaceful and beautiful atmosphere it gives. It is the perfect place to relax and maybe even take a swim. My absolute favourite thing to do while on a road trip in Ireland is to picnic, some blankets and find the perfect beach and Portacloy is definitely the spot for it.


I could write forever about hidden gems in Ireland because there is just too many to count. I can almost guarantee there is a new hidden gem being found everyday on this spectacular Island. Ireland is a place of culture, beauty, history, laughter, and music, with myths and legends thrown in there too. All of these things are what make Ireland what it is.

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Now that we’ve started discussing Irelands hidden gems, we won’t be able to stop! Keep an eye out for more blogs all things Ireland and travel!

Lauren x

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